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Primers play an important role in the waterproofing system by providing a number of critical functions. From enhancing adhesion or providing a mechanical key to difficult to bond to surfaces, primers ensure long term stability and functionality of overlaid membranes and surface finishes. Gripset has developed a range of specialised primers for the most challenging substrate types and demanding applications.


Structural movement at joints and junctions coupled with poor and inferior detailing methods are responsible for the majority of waterproofing failures.

The Gripset Elastoproof range represents the pinnacle of detailing, overcoming many of the shortfalls of traditional bondbreaker and detailing systems.

Constructed of high grade, water and chemical resistant rubber, Elastoproof is simply in design yet extremely effective to provide long term, permeant` protection to critical areas subject to movement and flexing.

Liquid Membranes

Utilising the latest polymer technology, Gripset liquid waterproofing membranes are specifically engineered for long term durability and optimal performance in the most demanding applications. From under tile, subterranean and fully exposed environments, all Gripset systems are rigorously tested and approved to relevant standards.

Sheet Membrane

Gripset BRW and GC sheet systems offer innovative suite of high performance sheet membrane systems for critical applications where enhanced durability, system longevity, fast turn-around times and cost efficiencies are essential. The Gripset BRW Sheet systems represent the very latest in waterproofing innovation, overcoming the shortcomings of liquid and traditional sheet based systems whilst expanding the waterproofing capabilities and performance

Cement Based Waterproofing

Cement based waterproofing technology combines the durability of cement with unique polymers to deliver robust systems with unique features for a range of applications. Cementitious technology provides viable options for volatile areas unsuited for liquid applied membranes including fully immersed areas and areas subject to rising damp and negative hydrostatic water pressure.

Tile Systems

Gripset tile systems include premium adhesives and grouts suitable for residential and commercial tiling applications in internal, external and immersed applications. Complementing the Gripset range of liquid and sheet membrane systems, Gripset tile system provide piece of mind for complete internal and external tiled wet area systems ensuring compatibility and optimal performance

Masonry & Wood Protection & Repair

Includes innovative systems for the protection of masonry substrates subject to moisture, weathering, and effects of rising damp including wet rot, mould and efflorescence. Also includes solvent free repair compounds for damaged masonry in areas in external and internal.


Gripset Sealers are an innovative range of high performance, solvent free protective sealers, designed for a wide range of uses on exterior and interior surfaces. Based on aliphatic water based polyurethane technology, Gripset sealers  exhibit versatility for numerous applications with excellent UV resistant and durable properties on a variety of building substrates, including concrete, metal, timber and plastic.

Pavement Protection

Including crack sealers, coatings and antifracture systems, the Gripset Pavement suite utilises innovative, user and environmentally safe technology to provide high performance alternatives to traditional solvent based systems for the protection and rejuvenation of asphalt and concrete pavements.