Roof and roof gardens

Waterproofing exposed roofs and roof garden structures require systems that are not only able to handle the extremes of Australia’s harsh climatic conditions but also able to withstand building movement and stresses that these exposed structures are frequently subjected to.

Gripset Waterproofing Systems provide solutions for a variety of roof surfaces and roof garden structures to withstand the exposed elements for all types of building designs and finishes

Gripset P39

  • Elastomeric water based polyurethane membrane
  • Excellent UV resistant properties
  • Durable and high strength properties
  • Complies to AS4858 and AS4654

Gripset LS

  • Hard wearing, nonslip coating
  • Excellent weathering properties
  • Fast drying and ponding resistant

Gripset GC2

  • Waterproof and vapour barrier sheet membrane
  • Decoupling membrane system for tile finishes
  • Installation saving 50% labour cost
  • Instant waterproof finish upon installation
  • Can be finished with tiles, pedestal pavers or trafficable membrane coatings

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