Xpress Range

Gripset Xpress range offers innovative suite of high performance sheet & liquid membrane systems for critical applications where enhanced durability, system longevity, fast turn-around times and cost efficiencies are essential.

Experience the latest in waterproofing technology.

  • Rapid waterproofing systems
  • Rain resistant and time saving
  • Australian Made
  • Uniquely Gripset

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Gripset Xpress Primer H2O Plus

Gripset Xpress Primer H2O Plus is a unique 1 component vapour barrier primer designed for use on concrete, screeds and mineral surfaces.

  • 1 component vapour barrier against residual dampness
  • Can be applied over damp and green concrete
  • Fast drying, enabling application finishes after only 1 hour
  • Water resistant, reduces efflorescence when applied over screeds
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Gripset Xpress SP

Gripset Xpress SP is a solvent free primer specifically designed for use on both wall and floor surfaces, achieving high adhesion without the need for etching or using solvents.

  • Solvent free alternative to dangerous solvent based primers
  • Bonds to a variety of metal, plastic, glazed, smooth & dense surface
  • Suitable on porous surfaces
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Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane

Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane is designed for the protection of external surfaces subject to UV exposure and harsh climatic conditions.

  • Rain resistant within hours
  • Used with Gripset Xpress Primer H2O Plus for unrivalled application speed
  • Ideal for balconies, decks, podiums and roofs as an exposed membrane finish
  • Complies with AS4858/AS4654
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XpressLay Sheet

One of the primary features of XpressLay is that while providing high-performance waterproofing and vapour barrier properties, the tensile strength properties enable it to perform as a decoupling layer for tile beds, withstanding floor movement strains.

  • Rapid Self Adhesive Application
  • Able to bond and remove without surface adhesion compromise
  • 3 in 1 Waterproof, Anti-Fracture and De-Coupling system
  • XpressLay PVC core provides outstanding resistance to vibration, movement and flexing
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