Underground, Retaining walls/Planter Boxes

Underground areas are constantly damp and wet from the high levels of moisture retained by earth. Waterproofing earth retaining structures can be one of the most challenging applications due to the continuous damp nature of underground environments and the forces and loads applied from earth fill.

Gripset Systems provide solutions for a variety of underground applications that keeps earth retaining structures dry while handling the testing environment of subterranean areas.

Gripset C-1P

  • Flexible 1 component cement polymer membrane
  • Handles both positive and negative moisture pressure
  • Fast drying and bonds to damp surfaces
  • Ability to handle immersed environments

Gripset 2P

  • 2 part flexible cement polymer membrane
  • Withstands continuous immersion and ponding water
  • Durable and bonds to damp surfaces
  • Complies to AS4858 and AS4654

Gripset BRW HD

  • Self-adhesive application
  • Outstanding high bond adhesion over surfaces applied to
  • Excellent performance in low to high temperatures, -30 to 80 degree Celsius

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