Water tanks, pools, ponds and water features

Immersed areas present the biggest demands on a waterproofing system due to the continuous wet environment and the hydrostatic pressure that water retaining structures can create.

The Gripset range is a market leader in waterproofing systems that can be used for a range of immersed structures including potable water tanks, fish ponds/water features and swimming pools.

Gripset E60

  • Water based epoxy membrane/coating
  • Outstanding resistance to negative and positive hydrostatic pressure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Potable water approved

Gripset C-1P

  • Flexible 1 component cement polymer membrane
  • Handles both positive and negative moisture pressure
  • Fast drying and bonds to damp surfaces
  • Ability to handle immersed environments

Gripset 2P

  • 2 part flexible cement polymer membrane
  • Withstands continuous immersion and ponding water
  • Durable and bonds to damp surfaces
  • Complies to AS4858 and AS4654

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