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How to successfully tile over your waterproofing (Part 2)

Gripset gurus Phil (Managing Director) and Yandi (Technical Head) share more secrets and tips to successfully tile over waterproofing

How to successfully tile over your waterproofing? (Part 1)

Let’s learn from the expert this week, who is a tiler by trade and is the technical head of Gripset, Yandi Milans about his thoughts on waterproofing as a tiler and a waterproofer.

Are polyurethane membranes and water-based membranes compatible?

Moisture-cured polyurethane membranes have got a field and a market but what goes wrong when moisture cured polyurethane membranes and water-based systems work together?

How To Grow Your Waterproofing Business The Power Of Purpose?

Having innumerable ideas, it is hard to find out which one needs to be worked on first and which one is to be thrown out making the business fail. Gripset has been able to cross that era and is happy to share some winning strategies through this blog.

How To Waterproof In Winter-Waterproof Faster With Gripset Xpress Range

A waterproofing range that allows the contractors to complete the waterproofing projects in time during the cooler months of the year and during the months with high humidity.

How Social Media Can Boost your Waterproofing Business

Here's how social media can help to boost your waterproofing business.

How Quoting The Right Waterproofing Products Can Drive Profits Upwards

How quoting the right product for the right project can help drive your profits upwards where you want them to be.

Waterproofing Systems For Basements

Which waterproofing membrane should you choose when waterproofing a basement?

Why Should You Choose Gripset E60 Primer?

Gripset E60 is a water based epoxy primer that is going to change the way you waterproof!