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Waterproofing Systems For Basements

Which waterproofing membrane should you choose when waterproofing a basement?

Why Should You Choose Gripset E60 Primer?

Gripset E60 is a water based epoxy primer that is going to change the way you waterproof!

Which External Waterproofing Membrane Should You Use?

What are the key differences between our Gripset range with our Gripset RD, our Gripset P39, and our Xpress Multi Pro? Which external waterproofing membrane should you choose for your project?

Waterproofing At The Top - Roof Waterproofing

It’s time to talk about waterproofing at the top of it all. Waterproofing on roofs. These days, roofing systems and roofs in designs are becoming more and more popular as we have more highly dense cities and apartment living and apartment building. Even people that have got two story homes are utilizing those external areas and are turning them into functional roof areas that they can either have as part of a feature or use like a garden area or an entertainment area.

Vapour Block Primers - How and When They Should Be Used

We're going to talk about vapour block primers and moisture barriers, and how they are used and when they should be used in your applications out in the field. There's a lot of talk about using a vapour barrier on a mineral surface, and that is something that is either concrete or a screed, a sand cement screed rendered masonry. There are two things that retained dampness can create with waterproofing membranes, or screeds with tile systems.

The Rise Of Modular Buildings

Modular building is going to disrupt the construction market globally. It has started to do that already in certain places such as North America, and we’re now starting to witness a lot of bathroom pods being built in Australia. The advantage of modular building is the fact that it's in a controlled environment. It's in a factory. So what happens in that situation is that, firstly, you've got a high degree of quality, because it all gets inspected.

Liquid Membranes VS Sheet Membranes

When should you use a sheet membrane instead of a liquid membrane? Or when should you use a liquid membrane instead of a sheet membrane? This has been coming up more and more in discussions with our team, customers and resellers out in the marketplace, plus the designers and specifiers. With sheet membranes, there are now systems like our GC system, which is becoming more and more popular in the marketplace.

Reinforcing Fabric vs Elastoproof Joint Band – What’s the difference?

Today I'm going to talk about Gripset RF Fabric and our Elastoproof Joint Band. The discussion has come up of recent times, where we've been asked why we don’t recommend the RF Fabric at all floor junctions, even though you can use it, and we have seen people using it with membranes with a sealant bond breaker. But I might have to go back in time to explain how we evolved with this one.

Are Bitumen products still the go to products in waterproofing?

When we started Gripset, we were pioneers in using bitumen technology and we were one of the first companies that had developed water-based bitumen technology and using with polymers. Now that's such a commodity-based system now, it's been bastardized, but back in the mid-80s it was fairly innovative and very, very different.