Quality Control & Industry Updates

Join us this week for a special episode of Sealed For Good as we recap our latest industry webinar held with special guest speaker Frank Moebus!
Over recent years, the Australian waterproofing industry has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of new national standards in waterproofing and construction. These ...

Changes to Standards | Post Inspection

In this week's episode of SealedForGood we look at the provisions included in the standard for Membrane Inspection. As we touched on last week, this represents a notable emphasis on the physical installation and its importance to the success of the waterproofing system.
You may be curious about what's next ...

Changes to Standards | Pre-Inspection

In this week's episode, we explore the critical topic of pre-inspection in construction waterproofing; discovering how the new standard tackles the #1 cause of waterproofing failures through essential pre-installation checks. Diving deeper, we also uncover the terminology that clarifies mandatory requirements and elective recommendations for a successful system installation 🎥⁠
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Changes to Standards | Moisture Content

This week, join us as we delve deeper into the new AS3740 standard, exploring its latest updates and shedding light on the reasoning behind these changes. With an in-depth look at moisture content, we provide insights and explanations to help you understand the rationale behind the modifications made to the ...

Changes to Standards | Surface Falls

In this week's episode of SealedForGood we continue our look at the latest AS3740 wet area standard and we'll be focusing on surface falls as it represents one of the more notable changes and a rethink of the waterproofing design and installation 🎥⁠
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Changes to Standards | AS 3740:2021

In this week's episode of SealedForGood we delve into a new series, covering an introductory overview of the new NCC Waterproofing Standards 🎥⁠
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00:00 New NCC Standard
01:26 Notable Inclusions
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03:09 A Clearer Message
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Wet Area Failures | Environmental Factors

In today's episode of SealedForGood, we delve into environmental factors and how they can contribute to waterproofing failures 🎥⁠

Quality Control & Industry Updates: What you need to know!

Welcome to Gripset's webinar discussion on quality control and industry updates!

Wet Area Failures | External Influences

In today's episode of SealedForGood, we delve into external influences and those factors that might be outside of the contractor's direct control, specifically relating to membrane damage 🎥⁠