Gripset Waterproofing - Wet areas, Bathrooms, Concrete sealers - Projects


City of Dreams Casino, Macau, China

Zero maintenance required.

Gripset's waterproof system delivers 'bullet-proof' protection.

One of the jewels in the Melco Group, the City of Dreams Casino in Macau was designed to be a state of the art complex for premium guests from around the world. Bathrooms were designed using Italian marble and granite, the wet areas were constructed in a unique way with building utilities concealed inside the cavities of the dry walls.

Being the first of its kind in Macau the mantra for this design was "no leaks from any wet area", as the utilities within the cavity walls were moisture sensitive and leaks would be an expensive shut down of the total hotel floor.

Using the Gripset 38 and Elastoproof system for all wet areas in the rooms of the Hard Rock Hotel within the City of Dreams complex, the areas were waterproofed and flood tested for 3 days before floor and wall finishes were able to be applied. The Hard Rock Hotel remains one of the few buildings in the Macau casino precinct that has had no maintenance to wet area floors.

City of Adelaide Clipper Ship, Port Adelaide SA

150 year old Clipper left to rot

Gripset WB1 rescues Australia's most significant historical ship

After being constructed 150 years ago and surviving an active history of sailing between the UK and Australia, then across to other continents around the world, the City of Adelaide Clipper was left to rot in a shipyard in Scotland before being brought back to Adelaide to become an important part of South Australian maritime history.

The restoration process of this timber sailing ship presented many challenges, including the protection and repair of the timber structure for both internal and external areas. The age of the ship and conditions it had been exposed to caused wood rot to many of the areas within the structure Intended to be restored for frequent public viewing. Traditional chemical based timber preservatives were never an option due to the carcinogens and public risks they presented.

Gripset WB1 offered a solution that would not only preserve the timber from further wet and dry rot issues, but also reverse the integral damage caused by fungus and insects, in much the same way a rust converter can be used to treat corroded steel.

Providing a natural solution with no chemicals, carcinogens or toxins, Gripset WB1 provides the next generation of protective coatings for wood to prevent the breakdown from rot and ensuring future land fill problems are no longer a problem.

Bankstown Central Shopping Complex, Bankstown NSW

Extreme joint sealing in rapid time

Gripset Elastoproof completely seals expansive joints with minimal disruption

The engineered post stressed concrete slab on this Multiplex Construction had been designed with expansion movement joints; constructed at 20mm wide with expected maximum opening of 80mm.

Directly under these joints was the shopping centre and above these joints a car park ramping that would be heavily trafficked. These challenges required an advanced expansion sealing joint system.

The durable Elastoproof XPX System was used to seal the joints within a rapid time - the joint sealing had to be completed quickly to enable the fit outs in the shopping centre below.

The Elastoproof system has stood the test of me since 2005, withstanding extreme weather and the thousands of vehicles that drive over these joints each week.

Bay Junction Shopping Centre Complex, Glenelg SA

Large scale waterproofing system

Gripset's waterproofing range solve complex project issues

A unique architecturally designed shopping centre, the iconic Glenelg precinct had to maximise tenancy space and ensure customer ease of access. The final design was constructed with car parking directly over retail tenants.

With more than 6000m2 of car parking exposed to the elements and designed directly over the shops, there was a number of challenges for the waterproof system: protect tenancies from potential leaking disruptions, withstand extreme weather and enable large amounts of vehicular traffic.

The Gripset specified system provides durability to withstand concrete pours, flexibility to accommodate expected surface movement and can withstand the open climatic conditions to ensure the building remains waterproof. The Gripset membrane system, along with the Elastoproof expansion joint detailing, ensures the asset owner and tenants can provide a first class shopping experience for customers.

Linfox HQ Carpark, Essendon Fields VIC

Rapid resurfacing arrests asset damage

Gripset B09 rescues new asphalt unravelling, with zero carpark downtime

The Linfox Head Office in Melbourne was faced with a serious quality problem at the staff car park that had been laid with new asphalt 6 months earlier. Unravelling occured, creating issues for the pavement; cars accessing the area daily and the absorption of water into the pavement compounded the issues further.

With time limitations and the need for an accessible car park, the Gripset B09 Pavement Resurfacer was used directly over the problem asphalt pavement, sealing the pavement from water absorption and protecting against pavement cracking. Within 1 day of treatment the car park was fully accessible, providing a durable finish for vehicles to access the area without any further concerns of asset damage.

Nanchang Boill Peninsula Apartments, South Eastern China

Highly customised solution takes the prize

Gripset went beyond just waterproofing. A complete solution to repel heat was delivered.

After delivering waterproofing systems to protect external roof and wet areas, the Shanghai Boill Group had one further challenge in the construction of the Nanchang Peninsula Estate. They needed to seal the building facades against carbonation and moisture ingress as well as reduce heat absorption into the building structures.

The Gripset facade coating systems were used to provide a high performance anti-carbonation seal over the exterior walls of all buildings in the Estate. Custom colour designs were required and the client was provided with a waterproof facade system that was also a heat reflective membrane. This reduced heat absorption into the buildings during the summer, proving to be an energy efficient wall coating.

The Nanchang Boill Peninsula complex was awarded the comfortable Housing Project for Energy Saving and environmentally friendly headquarters.

Britomart Transport Centre, Auckland

Membrane protection for iconic Auckland landmark

Gripset's 2P and RD systems provide critical waterproofing during development.

Britomart Transport Centre is a popular Auckland landmark, noted for its unique architectural elements and state of the art design concepts. Significant cultural importance was placed on all the design of all fixtures including a series of iconic circular concrete skylights, designed to represent Auckland's volcanic landscape.

Tall stainless steel tree trunks soar to the top of the glasshouse atrium and garden beds situated throughout the transport station ensure New Zealand nature resonates within the modern design.

Commencing in 2003, the project faced many challenges including cold, wet and wintry conditions during the redevelopment. Gripset 2P was selected to seal the skylights and garden beds throughout the complex, selected for its fast curing, robust and extremely durable properties. Providing the durability of a cement based compound and the flexibility of a liquid membrane, the product is suited for volatile areas subject to harsh conditions.

Gripset RD was used as part of the project to waterproof the roof parapets of the adjoining GPO building. A perfect mix of form and function, Gripset RD is used for waterproofing external surfaces subject to UV light and extreme weather conditions while meeting aesthetic requirements.