Technical Support

With more than 30 years experience from direct involvement with client projects throughout Australasia, our technical team support architects, engineers, specifiers and contractors with long term solutions for commercial, residential, remedial and civil building projects, offering:

  • Assistance with product selection
  • Formulating specifications
  • Site inspections and consulting
  • Guaranteed systems for new and remedial projects
  • Office presentations for groups and individuals
  • Rapid response service for specifier enquiries

The technical team are industry experts and can help you work on any trouble shooting or answer any question regarding our products. With over 100 years' experience amongst the technical team, we offer solutions for all commercial, residential, remedial and civil projects.

You can either call, Skype or email to gain help when you need.

Email Support

When time is not so critical,
please drop us a line.

Skype Support

If you need to show live footage onsite, then you can use Skype to show one of our experts the issue to resolve on the spot.

Specifications and technical drawings

Select the type of specification and technical drawing you need. Please fill in the form and we will send your request within 1 business day.

Specification sheets


Technical drawings


Area calculator

To work out how much Gripset product is required, you can use this handy calculator.

Area Calculator