Benefits Of Peel & Stick Waterproofing Membranes

Many of you as waterproofers would have been accustomed to peel and stick membranes over the years and traditionally they’ve been bitumen peel and sticks. In 2019, we launched a non-bituminous system, the Gripset BRW range, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional sheet based and bituminous systems whilst expanding the waterproofing capabilities and performance.

Peel and stick membranes have a range of benefits, including giving you the ability to use a sheet system and gain the speed, high quality and uniform film thickness without the need to torch, weld and use heating products. They are also particularly beneficial for surfaces that are very dense or sealed.

Time efficient

Peel and stick applications allow you to complete your waterproofing projects in a much more efficient way. If you have a quality product, you peel the release paper off, put the membrane in place,and then continue with your overlap joints and detailing as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Bitumen free

The big thing about the Gripset BRW range is that we don't use bitumen. No carcinogenic, no flammables and no dangerous fumes, because with our system, we can use all our basic primers. The Gripset GP, the Gripset OP, the Gripset SP, the Xpress H20 Plus, the Gripset E60, the Gripset P10, you name it, we've got it as part of our system to be as simple as you need on the surfaces that you're going onto.

This allows the Gripset BRW range to be applied to surfaces that traditionally you couldn't use with bitumen.


Another important factor is the way that we terminate the membrane point, because it integrates other trades very easily.There's no bleed, there's no softening, there's no going hard in the cold, and we can guarantee that the BRW sticks.

Any surface

The Gripset BRW range is suitable for a range of substrates. We have a system that works with the primers and we ensure there is a preparation method, process and our Technical Data Sheets for more information, but you're not limited to only using it on a surface such as concrete or masonry, or a sealed surface.

We can also go over porous surfaces with the Gripset BRW range, using the correct primer which we can guide you on.

If you need more details on peel and stick systems, applications, maybe a job you've got going at the moment, call 1800650 435, or speak with your local Gripset contact.

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