Gripset P10

PU Vapour Barrier & Surface Enhancer

High performance, one component compound designed to prevent the rise or entry of residual dampness or active moisture vapour through mineral surfaces such as screeds, concrete and masonry. Also suitable for consolidating cement screeds or concrete toppings that are mechanically weak or as an anti-dust treatment for irregular, porous and dusty screeds. Solvent-free, single component product – no mixing requiredleading to no wastage. Outstanding adhesion and sealing properties against rising damp and active moisture vapour.

  • Vapour block primer
  • Moisture barrier
  • Surface enhancer and consolidator
  • Concrete, masonry surfaces, renders, screeds
  • Timber sheeting, softwoods and hardwoods
  • Compressed fibre and cement sheeting

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1 litre/8m2 per coat

Dry Times
Recoat: 6 hours
Applying finishes over: 24 hours

Wet/dry: Yellow (translucent)

10 litre

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