How Knowledge Can Make You A Master Trade Waterproofer

Have you ever wondered how to take your waterproofing skills to the next level? Our answer for you is simple - knowledge.

As a waterproofer, you work with builders and clients almost every day, including architects and project managers. And it’s important to remember that each of them have different motives than what you may have as a waterproofer. They're looking at the project as a whole and the waterproofing may be a small section of their total works.

Sometimes they’re looking for certain waterproofing systems and will specify products they believe will suit the application. Other times a builder might come to you and say, "Tell me what you want to use."

You, as a waterproofer, need to be the knowledge source, the expert, and the resource that they can trust.

If you walk into a building site or into a consult with a client and you don’t know your stuff, then you will instantly plant doubt in the mind of the client. However, if you know exactly what the application requires, and the ‘ins and outs’ of the recommended products, then you’ll be engaging trust with the client, as well as peace of mind that you know what you’re doing.

Sometimes you may specify a waterproofing system or recommend one, but when you get to the job, the conditions could be confronted differently or the climatic surface. However, if you know your products, you know the alternatives and what you can offer and adjust or modify then and there.

Know the basics upfront, because when you know your products and when you've used them constantly, you will become the expert in your field.

What information should you have ready

When you're speaking with your clients, it’s important to have the waterproofing products and the relevant Technical Data Sheets (TDS’s) and other important information, such as drawings, specifications, or a method statement. It could be on your phone, your iPad, a hard copy, or even ready in an email. Then you can state reasons, facts and evidence as to why you're choosing that system and guaranteeing a warranty.

If it's a difficult application, then you can say to your client, "Let me double check with our manufacturers’ tech services department." Here at Gripset we can help you there and back it up, allowing you to go back to your client with more knowledge.

Why expertise trumps price

When you start getting that information out there about your expertise, then the price is not the question, and you can use quality systems and get paid what you deserve for your expertise.

The big piece of that then is, what type of warranty differentiates you? If you’re part of Gripset’s GAPP Program, you can explain to your client the back-to-back warranty, a comprehensive warranty for both product and for your workmanship.

Knowledge trumps everything else in the marketplace.

When you become the knowledge source for your client, you will have them come to you in the future and ask the questions "What do you think?"

You know they're leaning on you for knowledge because you are that knowledge resource and every master trades person should be that.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you to accelerate your knowledge of waterproofing, the Gripset GAPP Program is a great way to start. Call the Gripset team on 1800 650 435 to find out more.