How To Grow Your Waterproofing Business The Power Of Purpose?

This week’s blog is a detour from its regular Gripset topics and is an emphasis on the journey of developing a successful business from the beginning to the end.

Everybody has tons of ideas that are encouraging that might have a bright future but what’s missing is that not everyone is on the right tools to implement them. Having innumerable ideas, it is hard to find out which one needs to be worked on first and which one is to be thrown out making the business fail. Gripset has been able to cross that era and is happy to share some winning strategies through this blog.


Warren Buffet, the mastermind of investment projects, has developed a prioritization formula i.e. 5-25 rule. He proposes that one should sit and jot down their top 25 ideas on a page considering the opportunities for each. Once they are written down, prioritize them in order of importance. Next, single out the top five opportunities to Plan A and then Plan B. *Tip* Select the ones which you are passionate about to drive forward, not that you just think are going to make you money or make your business money but the ones that you can make the most of because passion is a driver that will ensure that you can see through the chosen ideas. What to do with the remaining ideas?  Tear them and throw it in the dustbin.

The first five points, that are jotted down are the focus where the entire energy and resources should incline towards.  It’s a roadmap or the compass that needs to be followed.

 Widen your horizon of knowledge to create value for your customers 

Whether you are a one-man operator or a business owner-operator with 20 or 50 employees. You need to become more knowledgeable in the direction you're taking yourself, your staff and your clients to because you become their trusted expert. The messages should be tailored specifically to your client base with what they want and deliver intangible value because that is where you connect with your client. Once you connect with your customer, they are there for you because they'll come back to you all the time because it's the personal piece in business that's so critical and you have achieved it. 

Moreover, networking with the brains and the companies that are going to enhance your business further should always be on the agenda.

Business is personal

Any decision that you make is going to affect what you do at home or at business. Being personal is a way to ensure that you optimize your time. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, all the experts have only got 24 hours in a day. What they do with those 24 hours in the day is what counts.

Advice For Entrepreneurs Getting Started!

Maximum of the entrepreneurs are passionate and have loads of aspects that they want to explore but that just takes them away from understanding which direction to take. They think that they’ve got a trade, need to apply trade and the business will unfold itself. It's no different for anyone whether you're a lawyer, an accountant, a consultant, a coach, an IT person, but you need to understand that everyone needs a planned business out. You need to get those priorities right, widen your horizon to bring improvement in the business and work with full focus to witness your businesses thrive to a new level.

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