Elastoproof Corners

Prefabricted Corner Sections

For use in conjunction with the Elastoproof B50 Joint Band for effective detailing at critical 90° and 270º corner intersections. Prefabricated corners ensure a seamless and elastic seal, overcoming many difficulties when detailing membranes at volatile areas.

  • Protection for critical corner intersections
  • Ensures effective detailing at critical 90° and 270° corner intersections
  • Overcomes difficulties when detailing at volatile areas
  • Internal Corners – designed for 90° corners to form a seamless seal over corner intersections
  • External Corners – designed for 270° corner sections to form a seamless seal between wall intersections. Ideal for pillars columns and outside returns

Product Reviews
Great product stops a lot of the pin holing and excess waterproofing in the corners that hinder dry times. I always hated using the manufactured corners because they are never square or fit nicely and flush, but these aren’t to bad, I tend to get the bottom good but the top sits out. One trick I learned was to lap another vertical strip above it and it all finishes smooth and seem less. I also love the thick membrane sandwiched between the polyester as you can poke it in as many times as you need to and don’t get waterproofing all over your fingers well done Gripset! ????

By: Grovesy’s Tiling and waterproofing
On: 2019 August 28

Very easy to use and a great product again by gripset

By: Unique Bathroomm Renovations & Tiling
On: 2019 September 30

Absolutely love these! Wont work without them! Saves so much time and comes up amazing

By: Precision Waterproofing Solutions Pty Ltd
On: 2020 February 05

These Gripset Corner bands are a perfect fit for any corners you come across. Never have failed me in the past and they leave a perfect fit every time without fail. Quality product!

By: Blaze WaterProofing
On: 2020 August 13

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Packaging Internal 90º corners
Size: 200mm x 200mm with 120mm wall/floor returns
External 270º corners
Size: 200mm x 200mm with 120mm wall/floor returns