FG Sealing Tape

High Strength Waterproof Reinforcement

Gripset BRW FG Sealing Tape is a double sided fibre glass reinforced butyl strip, deigned for use in a range of sealing and construction applications. BRW FG Sealing Tape is compatible with Gripset’s full range of detailing products and can be applied as an instant bonding and sealing alternative to wet applied sealants. Can be used for instant fixing of Waterstops and other waterproofing accessories made from metal or plastic.

Refer to Gripset BRW HD data for specialist uses. 

·  High strength reinforcement
·  Instant high tack adhesion
·  High shear and bond strength adhesion
·  Air tight and watertight sealing properties

Ensure surface is free of surface water, clean and dry. Unwind the BRW FG Sealing Tape roll and adhere one face to surfaces, forming a tack bond.

Remove the release paper and press surfaces together to form a tight compressed seal. For applications where protection boards/core flute are being adhered to the BRW-HD membrane, tack one face of the BRW FG Sealing Tape to the core flute edges, and prior to adhering over the BRW-HD sheet, remove the release paper and firmly press protection sheet onto the BRW-HD membrane.

Lapping protection boards to each other should be carried out using the same method.

Clean up
Excess material or offcuts can be removed as solid waste.
Storage Conditions

• Best stored at room temperature in dry conditions.
• Keep away from direct sunlight, damp and moist conditions.
• Shelf life is 24 months in original packaging
• Keep away from contact with solvents.

For further information about this product contact Gripset Technical Services


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