Are You A Cutting Edge Waterproofer?

On this weeks episode of Sealed For Good, find out what makes you a Cutting Edge Waterproofer and an expert in the waterproofing industry.

How Knowledge Can Make You A Better Waterproofer?

Having a clear understanding of all waterproofing systems and products is extremely important when trying to become an accredited practitioner.
On this week’s episode of Sealed For Good find out how knowledge can make you an expert waterproofer.

The Importance Of Recording And Documenting Your Work

There is a rapid increase in the new constructions and buildings being developed every day, making it extremely tough to inspect and supervise every part of the work.
But any small error can cause all the parts of the trade who worked on the project in trouble. To avoid all ...

Floating Screeds On External Wet Areas

This week from ⏯️Sealed For Good episode, let's learn what best ways to put screed on balconies as per the Australian standards and clarify the misunderstandings related to it in the marketplace.
Learn how to work with 👉🏻 floating screeds for external wet areas and don't forget to subscribe.

How To Waterproof An Underground Basement Into A Living Area?

Are you planning to convert your cellar, basement or garage into a liveable area❓But are you confused about what waterproofing systems to use that can eliminate the global issues of moulds, dampness and finishes❓⁠
Check out this🎬 Sealed For Good youtube video on how to channel away from the ...

How to choose best waterproofing practices for Swimming Pools?

Waterproofing an immersed area can become tricky especially when working with swimming pools. You must work with different substrates with different features, different preparation and even different testing techniques.
So, this week, in our first Sealed For Good episode of 2020, we would like to share tips on how to select ...

How To Allow Maintenance Program With Your Roof Waterproofing Project?

Maintaining a roof for a more extended warranty is not an easy task, and it does need a maintenance program to allow it to maintain the integrity of your work and your relationship.
Today's Sealed For Good video will touch on these aspects and guide you why you need to ...

How To Ensure Heat Doesn't Affect Your Waterproofing Application?

Don't get stuck when waterproofing in summer months, when working with concrete, masonry, screeds, and renders.
In this episode, find out what can impact the substrates in summer and how you can prevent any mistake or disaster from happening by following just simple techniques.

How to eliminate risk factors when waterproofing?

▶️Let's find out how to eliminate risk factors when waterproofing the substrates in our new episode of 🎬 Sealed For Good.