Gripset WB1

100% Natural Timber Repair Compound

A revolutionary timber treatment product that is 100% natural and made from clever, nature-based technology. For application over timber affected by wet or dry rot, to reverse the deterioration process and restore the integral strength of timber. Also suitable as a fire-retardant protective barrier to timber surfaces

  • 100% natural, free of chemicals, biocides, insecticides and fungicides
  • Reverses deterioration and restrengthens timber caused by wet/dry rot
  • Can be finished over with paints, oils and stains
  • Timber rot repairs and strengthening aged timber
  • Protecting timber exposed to weather, moisture and humidity
  • Fascias, timber eaves, window frames, joists, and doors
  • Timber

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Rot repairs: 2 coats at a total coverage of 1 litre/2-3m2
Protective coating over new and existing surfaces not affected by rot: 1 coat at a total coverage of 1 litre/5m2
Fire retardant protective coating: 3 coats at a total coverage of 1 litre/2-3m2.

Dry Times
Re-Coat time: 2 hours
Application of paints stains or oils: 72 hours

Wet translucent yellow
Dry: Clear

5 litre, 15 litre, 200 litre, 1,000 IBC

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