Gripset N17

Nano Penetrating Sealer

Gripset N17 is an innovative solvent free sealer based on world leading nano technology. Designed for use over masonry, concrete, timber and general porous building surfaces, Gripset N17 provides multifunctional properties including water repellence, ease of cleaning and resistance to mechanical abrasion. Gripset N17 does not change the appearance of the surface it is applied to enabling the actual surface appearance to be maintained without the effects of water staining. Ideally suited for surfaces exposed to internal and external environments.

  • Repellent to water, liquids and oil
  • Does not change surface appearance
  • Breathable and easy cleaning

NANO - What is it and how does it work?

1 centimetre = 1/100 of a metre
1 millimetre = 1/1000 of a metre
1 nanometre = 1/1,000,000,000 of a metre

Nanotechnology describes the structure of matter on an extremely small scale. You can find up to 10 atoms in one nanometre and based on this principle of nanotechnology the Gripset Nano sealers have optimum penetrating properties on the surfaces they are applied to, with the ability to penetrate up to 4-6mm on porous surfaces. As a result of the Nano particle effect, once the sealer is applied to surfaces water beads preventing absorption into the treated area.

Gripset N17 consists of non-visible micro particles and during application these particles organise themselves to form a unique sealing structure that ultimately forms a glass like layer that guarantees long term protection against environmental influences.

Gripset Nano Sealer is applied
Nano particles commence organising themselves
Nano particles organised into a thin even sealing layer
Features & Benefits
  • Solvent free
  • Nano penetration forming hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
  • Does not change surface appearance
  • Outstanding water and weather resistance
  • Penetrating properties enhancing abrasion resistance
  • Ease of cleaning surfaces
  • Long lasting sealing effects to treated surfaces
  • Sealer for timber with Gripset WB1/WB2 natural wood preservative
  • Long lasting sealing effects to treated surfaces, life expectancy 10 years before re-coat, depending on level of impact abrasion

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1Lt per 10-12m2 and on extremely porous surfaces this may be reduced.
Coverage can be achieved in 1 coat, ensuring the total surface has been wetted with the sealer. After drying all areas will bead water if correctly applied

Dry Times
The Nano sealing effect will take approximately 4 hours at drying conditions of 20C on porous surfaces. In cooler conditions allow 6-8 hours drying for the Nano effect to take place. 
For areas to be regularly trafficked over it is recommended to allow 24 -48 hours drying at ambient conditions of 20C (50% RH) prior to using the area in service.

1Lt and 5Lt plastic jerry bottles

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