Gripset Fill N Fix

Surface Repair

Gripset Fill N Fix is a new generation solvent free and non-toxic filler designed to replace and restore damaged building surfaces. Gripset Fill N Fix provides a user friendly and environmentally safe alternative to flammable and hazardous 2 component building resins. With the simple addition of water to the Gripset Fill N Fix, a high strength easy to use filler is formed that can be applied over a variety of damaged building surfaces. Gripset Fill N Fix is odourless, easy to mix and simple to use, providing a high strength filling compound that can be sanded, sawed, nailed, screwed or plugged. Once dried, Gripset Fill N Fix provides a new surface finish that can be used in exterior and interior areas as well as immersed and underground areas. Can be finished over with paints, renders, wall paper, tiles, and textures or can be glued over with other finishes.

  • Replace and restore damaged building surfaces
  • Alternative to hazardous 2-component fillers
  • Simply add water
  • Bonds to damp surfaces
  • Forms high strength surface filler
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Easily applied by trowel or spatula, outstanding adhesion
  • Can be sanded, trimmed or profiled
  • Able to be screwed, nailed or sawed
  • Over paintable
  • Suitable on surfaces subjected to wet conditions, including immersed

Gripset Fill N Fix can be used to repair, patch and replace damaged building surfaces including:

  • Timber (recommended to first treat with Gripset WB1)
  • Masonry and concrete
  • Cement sheeting and blue board
  • Plasterboard and fibrous sheeting
  • Hebel and aerated concrete
  • Terracotta and clay surfaces
  • Lightweight building surfaces

Note: Not suitable over metallic, glazed, fibreglass or plastic surfaces

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Dry Times
Tack free 15-20 mins
Dry Compound 1-2 hours
Sawing, nailing or screwing
areas 0-20mm thick 2-3 hours
areas >20mm thick min 4-5 hours
Painting over 4 hours
Immersing 48 hours

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