GC Pro

Waterproof Bedding Adhesive

Gripset GC Pro Adhesive is a single part, waterproof bedding compound used for fixing the GC1 sheet system. Based on unique polymer technology, GC Pro Adhesive is suitable for use over porous surfaces providing excellent adhesion and fast drying properties. Applied by trowel to bed the GC sheet to the substrate, or by brush to install the Elastoproof bond breaker system, GC Pro displays outstanding workability and economical coverage.

  • Fast drying 
  • Outstanding adhesion properties 
  • Waterproof 
  • Economical coverage 
  • Able to be applied over damp and un-primed surfaces 
  • Can be trowel and brush applied 
  • Compatible with cement for enhanced drying properties 
  • Compatible bonding surface for tiles, screeds and toppings
  • Concrete
  • Render, screeds and general masonry surfaces
  • Concrete blocks and clay brick 
  • CFC, cement sheet, Hardies Scyon™, plaster board surfaces 
  • Particleboard flooring (Structaflor etc) 
  • Plasters and general mineral surfaces 
  • Aerated concrete panels and blocks
  • Metals

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When used to fix the GC1 and GC4 sheet systems: 1.2m² per kg using a 2mm notch tooth trowel. 
When used to fix the GC2 sheet system: 0.8m² per kg using a 3mm notch tooth trowel.


15kg pail