BT Instalay CTU

Self Adhesive Ceramic Tile Underlay

BT InstaLay CTU is a self-adhesive ceramic tile underlay sheet, providing the thinnest tile underlay and anti-fracture system available for a wide range of tiling and flooring projects. Designed for domestic and commercial applications, BT InstaLay CTU offers an innovative alternative to traditional tiling underlayments over a variety of different surfaces.

The unique self-adhesive properties of the BT InstaLay CTU enable the underlay sheet to be adhered to floor surfaces and removed as required for repositioning without any risk of damage to the surface while ensuring no residues are left to contaminate the substrate. This not only enables the BT InstaLay CTU to protect floor finishes as an anti-fracture underlayment, but also permits floor finishes to be removed at future dates without damage to floor substrates, avoiding costly and timely floor repairs.

Consisting of a high strength reinforced PVC sheet with a tile friendly surface facing, BT InstaLay CTU is easily adhered to surfaces by the removal of the release liner and installed into floor position. Once laid, can be immediately tiled over, delivering unrivalled application speed and time savings over standard anti-fracture underlayment and de-coupling alternatives.

Weighing less than 1kg/m2 BT InstaLay CTU is easy to handle and cut, eliminating the risks of silica dust associated with traditional cement sheet underlay. With the versatility for use on a variety of internal and external floor surfaces, the benefit of direct fixing tile to the underlay surface positions BT InstaLay CTU as a standalone underlayment that creates opportunities in flooring applications that have previously not been possible.

  • No nailing, no silica dust
  • Anti-fracture and de-coupling properties
  • Light to handle, only 800gms/m2

Flooring/Tiling Applications
  • Timber floor sheeting
  • Polished floor board conversions
  • Underlayment for tiling over existing tiles
  • Underlayment for tiling on timber and parquet
  • Underlayment on cracked or aged concrete
  • Underlayment on existing vinyl to enable tile finishes
  • Underlayment over epoxy, polyurethane or floor coatings to enable tiling
  • Underlayment on polished concrete or terrazzo flooring to enable tiling
  • Anti-fracture underlayment on floors prone to movement
  • De-coupling sheet and stabilising surfaces before tiling


BT InstaLay CTU can be applied to the following substrates:

  • Timber sheeting, including plywood and particle board
  • Concrete
  • Timber floor boards
  • Screeds, cement based compounds, self-levelers
  • Glazed tiles and porous tiles

13m2 per roll


1 roll 1.3x10M box

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13m2 per roll


1 roll 1.3x10M box