Why Should You Choose Gripset E60 Primer?

Gripset E60 is our water-based epoxy primer and barrier coating. It's a unique coating. It's a water-based system. Epoxies have a very broad spectrum. Some people tend to sort of package them up with what they see that could be out in the flooring areas with the flooring epoxies, protective coating epoxies. The Gripset E60 is a water-based epoxy that we use primarily for two functions. One, it's a vapor barrier primer for many of our membrane systems. When I talk about a vapor barrier primer, it's used primarily on surfaces that might have some residual moisture or dampness. So concrete slab that could still be slightly damp, a screed, which is more commonly the case. Before you go and put a membrane out there you want to ensure that the membrane doesn't blister or de-bond from the surface, because of residual moisture trying to push it up.

Ideally for external works, E60 is a fantastic primer to use on a screed, or a slab that could be cured but might have had some rain on it and has got a residual moisture content level in there and that you don't want your membrane to blister when the sun comes out. Being a water-based epoxy, it'll bond to a damp substrate. There's no hazardous odors with it. You mix up our part A and part B in an even uniform volume. It comes to a nice homogeneous consistency, easy to roll out or brush out. You get a nice coat over the floor, and that will act as your vapor barrier primer.

If you want to use this as a hydrostatic membrane, the Gripset E60 can be used in situations like a basement, on walls, or you've got even floors with rising damp. If you get rid of the efflorescence, this product can be used. It's got very good needed hydrostatic pressure, because it goes very hard. That allows you to use it in those situations, which may not actually have a waterproof membrane applied on top, but you're stopping any of that dampness or efflorescence coming through, including those vapors. So, commonly used in cellars. 

But the other added bonus of Gripset E60, we have a potable water certificate with this product. It actually can be used inside a water tank, and it is safe to use for human drink water consumption. You'd use it in a water tank where you've got a structure that's got no joints, or it might have a couple joints that can be taken care of with a fillet, not an elastic joint. It's a hard wearing coating, can handle continuous immersion, and it's safe if you've got water in there for human consumption. We've had people that have even tinted it for situations, like with fish ponds and water fishes, et cetera. The water tank application is there for you and one to consider.

The most important thing is that when you understand using it without a range, Gripset E60, like I said before, with our Gripset Membranes, if you're putting on a screed or concrete slab, all of that liquid membrane range, you got Gripset 38, P39, the express range can all go directly applied over the top of this product. If you've got a situation where you are putting cementitious coating over the E60, in that application there, you need to ensure that you get it over there within 48 hours after the E60's been applied, otherwise it goes very hard. That will impact the adhesion of your cement based coating to the E60. With our liquid [elastimericoatings 00:03:31] there's no time issue, but with cementitious that is the case. 

For those of you out there that might be putting a self leveling compound or some sort of cementitious adhesive over the top, be aware of that. If that is the case and you get over it, and sorry, you have to get over the E60 after a longer period of time of 48 hours, then the simple thing is give it a good clean down. You can give it a re coat. Then, get over it then, and you find the adhesion will still bond.

Any questions on this, come our way. We can help you with those answers and guide you along. It is what we call a specialist primer. However, for many of our customers around the country, particularly in the eastern states, using a water based epoxy is something they do every day. The biggest advantage of Gripset E60, it's made here in Australia. It is the premium grade, but not at the premium price. Far more competitive than some of those brands that have been out there for many, many years that are at the extreme levels of cost. You'll be very surprised on how cost effective the Gripset E60 is and affordable for you. Give you an A1 job.