InGenious range – Pushing the boundaries

When you hear 100% natural - do you think of product limitations or compromises? Unfortunately you would not be alone. We have become used to hazardous chemicals being used in many areas of construction and engineering. The concept that a 100% natural product could do the same job is hard for some to grasp. Surely there must be a compromise or a hefty price tag attached?

From its beginnings, Gripset Industries has continued to push the envelope with innovative, patented technologies that have influenced the way waterproofing is done today. As an early pioneer for the green friendly movement, the company has encouraged a broad industry switch, culminating in the introduction of green building standards we see today. A major cornerstone of the company's philosophy has been a strict stance for solvent free, user and environmentally friendly technologies.

Through continuous, exhaustive research and development Gripset Industries explores the possibilities of eco- friendly technologies even further, culminating in the release of the new InGenious range.

The InGenious range is an evolution of the company's green friendly philosophy that extends beyond purely solvent free, non-toxic solutions. It comprises unique protective solutions that are 100% natural, made from renewable materials and free of synthetic chemicals. It also represents a more dedicated strategy for energy efficient, sustainable manufacturing practices and materials.

The InGenious range comprises 3 products; Gripset WB1, WB2, and ST1. They provide safe, highly effective alternatives to timber and masonry treatments that continue to contain harsh chemicals. We've continued to expose ourselves to these hazardous products as there have been no alternatives, until now.

Gripset WB1, WB2 and ST1 are landmark achievements by Gripset in its continual push to reduce the hazardous chemicals in the world. It hopes to set an example for other manufacturers to take responsibility and lead the way to reduce hazardous waste in products, and in landfill that will ultimately re-enter the environment and impact everyone.