How To Waterproof In Winter-Waterproof Faster With Gripset Xpress Range

When we reach this time of the year, into the cooler months, we tend to look for waterproofing solutions like:
1. Solvent-based products that dry up quickly, or
2. Component products that enable the catalyst to help it dry faster.
This year, for the cooler months of Australia, Gripset has been successful in developing a solution to the contractor's biggest challenge i.e. waiting for the waterproofing membrane to dry by developing the Gripset XPRESS Range. A waterproofing range that allows the contractors to complete the waterproofing projects in time during the cooler months of the year and during the months with high humidity. 
We are all aware that numerous parts of Australia at this time of the year are void of sun. They're either in the shade or are subject to minimal sunlight throughout the day, making the areas constantly damp and cool. An issue further escalates when it is rained on or dewed on because of the membranes not drying forcing the contractor to look for a solvent-based system not knowing that it can lead to the issues of adherence of tile or screed stone. 
Currently, GripsetXpress Range consists of two key products - Gripset Primer H2O Plus and GripsetXpress Multi Pro Membrane which are discussed below:

Gripset XpressPrimer H20 Plus

Gripset Xpress H2O Plus is a unique one-component water-based and a solvent-free primer, which is very similar to the Gripset GP in the way it's applied. It is a white liquid which when closely observed transforms from white to a green tinge and dries into a clear film especially when it is applied to a damp substrate like a concrete bed or a screed. This phenomenon might not be observed every time but its looks like a magic when it starts to cure.
Gripset Xpress Primer H2O Plus has an outstanding drying property as it dries up very quickly in less than an hour even on a damp and a cool environment to get the membrane on top of it and that also with great coverage of a litre for about eight square meters.
There are ample of Gripset products like Gripset E60 and Gripset P10 but when the Gripset Xpress H2O Primer is applied to a screed or a suspended concrete slab it can prevent the rising damp from blistering the membrane. However, two things still need to be kept in mind when choosing Gripset Xpress Primer H2O Plus. It is that it doesn't stop the hydrostatic pressure or negative pressure the way Gripset E60 does. Also, it is not applicable to be used on wall linings or synthetic floor sheeting like Scyon or CFC sheeting. It is a primer which is specifically made for mineral surfaces, concrete and screeds or where a lot of blistering phenomena is present from, either inside or on the outside for balconies.

Gripset Xpress Multi-Pro Membrane 

Gripset Xpress Multi-Pro membrane is also a one-component product but this one has elastomeric properties. It is very similar to Gripset P39 in the ability to be used for external applications exposed to UV light or to cover over with tiles and screed.
It is approved to the AS4858 and AS4654 compliance that cures fast to another level just like Gripset 38FC. This product showcases very early water-resistant properties. So, if it gets rained on within forty-five minutes to an hour it will not be washed out. Even a flood test can be run after three hours and the result would be the same.
That is correct, you can start in three hours, it will not re-emulsify. The biggest advantage of it is that it can get over Gripset Xpress H2O primer quickly.
So if you are stuck in a window where you are doing jobs particularly outside in the winter months and have a three to six-hour window, and you know you've got weather where you can actually get the product down before it rains that night, this is your go-to product. This is the one that will deliver the results that you want.
Advice For Contractors Getting Started!
You need to understand how to work with the Gripset Xpress products, it doesn't work the same way as a traditional liquid membrane. One needs to ensure that when applying, it must follow smaller runs. It’s a fantastic product for situations where jobs just must be waterproofed knowing the bad weather is forecasted.
Xpress Membrane is compatible with all our primers, but the Xpress range is developed especially for the winter months and for high humidity areas. It is designed for the areas with a short window span, like Asia where the works need to be done externally before it rains. If you want to use it inside and you want to get your screeds on it earlier, you've got the ability to do that as well.
If there are still questions on our Xpress Range call our Tech Team at 1800 430 635.