Bathrooms and showers remain the biggest challenge when waterproofing homes. Selecting waterproofing systems to accommodate the variety of building methods and materials used in construction is often where failures start.

The Gripset Waterproofing Systems provide a range of long term solutions for all types of construction to ensure leak free showers and wet areas.

Gripset 38FC

  • Fast drying application time, allows tiling to commence after 4 hours
  • Elastomeric and durable membrane formed
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Complies to AS4858 and AS4654

Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane

  • Rapid drying in cold, damp and humid conditions
  • Withstands water wash out in 45 minutes, flood testing in 3 hours
  • Can be left exposed to permanent UV or tiled over
  • Complies to AS4858 and AS4654

Gripset GC1

  • Waterproof and vapour barrier sheet membrane
  • Simple installation saving 50% labour cost
  • Anti-fracture properties
  • Instant waterproof finish upon installation

Gripset XpressLay

  • Rapid Self Adhesive Application
  • Able to bond and remove without surface adhesion compromise
  • 3 in 1 Waterproof, Anti-Fracture and De-Coupling system
  • XpressLay PVC core provides outstanding resistance to vibration, movement and flexing

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