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Why do we settle for near to near enough?

Mr White looked at me and explained that he built 1000 homes the previous year and this was now going to cost him $100-150k extra per year. I had prepared for this as I knew from their insiders they employed someone to deal with complaints about leaking homes. As a brash 26 year old I responded to give Mr White the upside...

Get whiff of this?

Australia and the western world in general have come a long way in how we ensure construction sites are so much safer now to a decade ago. Turn up to a building site and fluoro vests, safety glasses and steel capped shoes are a given, even New Balance, Reebok and Nike are getting into the action of providing steel caps for building sites to make sure tradies look gooood!

More Than Just A Rugby Lesson From Across The Tasman

For those that are unfamiliar with NZ building methods, although the climatic conditions differ to the major part of Australia, there are a number of similarities between Australia and our Kiwi friends with the use of timber framing and structural sheeting products used to clad and build homes.

Solvent vs Water based. Which is the best waterproofing technology?

Many traditionalists perceive that solvent based products provide better performance, with faster curing times and durability. But you'll be surprised with the advances in water based technology, allowing high-performance waterproofing, while meeting the strictest environmental and OH & S standards.

How waterproofing additives have failed concrete

Still believe that concrete structures don't need as much attention to detail as light weight structures? Read about the high level of water seepage that still occurs, despite a dramatic rise in the use of waterproofing additives for concrete.

InGenious range – Pushing the boundaries

Here's evidence that when you hear '100% natural', the words compromise, expensive and limitation no longer need to spring to mind.