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Building the value in value

I often hear the catch cry 'Let's give our customers value for money', with the emphasis on the VALUE piece. What do we mean exactly by giving value and what is deemed to be of value? 

Waterproofing… where is it?

How is it we’re in 2016 and within the construction industry there are many professionals not really sure of what waterproofing is and where it should go? I realise many understand where it should go in terms of surfaces it should be applied to, e.g. roofs, basement walls, planters, wet areas, podiums etc but when I say where it should go I mean where does it fit in the scheme of the building package.

Welcome to the Timber Age

Almost everywhere I turn it appears that wood is going through a renaissance as the product of choice for construction. We are just entering what looks to be the 'Timber Age' where wood is now being considered by many architects and engineers as the choice alternative for its sustainability along with the speed (and quality) of construction it offers.

The Right Way or the Easy Way - Welcome to the Grind

The Grind – this is a term commonly used now but when I first heard it used in the business context it connected for me as it summed up the way I’m wired and the approach I’ve always taken since I can remember as a kid. I was extremely fortunate to have worked with my father for 23 years, he was a big influencer in my life and having migrated from Italy to Australia at 18 years old his fearless approach rubbed off on me...

Why do we settle for near to near enough?

Mr White looked at me and explained that he built 1000 homes the previous year and this was now going to cost him $100-150k extra per year. I had prepared for this as I knew from their insiders they employed someone to deal with complaints about leaking homes. As a brash 26 year old I responded to give Mr White the upside...

Get whiff of this?

Australia and the western world in general have come a long way in how we ensure construction sites are so much safer now to a decade ago. Turn up to a building site and fluoro vests, safety glasses and steel capped shoes are a given, even New Balance, Reebok and Nike are getting into the action of providing steel caps for building sites to make sure tradies look gooood!