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If our local industry is not forced to change now, an outside force will inevitably make the change for us. This truth bomb hit me during a mid 90’s presentation to the multi-millionaire owner of one of Australia’s largest ‘affordable’ home builders. I proudly tabled a value-for-money, product guaranteed waterproofing proposal. I got floored with the response:

Waterproofing. Is it slipping through the cracks?

After pest and termite problems, waterproofing is regarded as the second largest building cost in the construction industry in Australia. So why isn’t it being taken a lot more seriously, instead of the misunderstanding, misinformation and general ambivalence within the actual industry?

Construction...... innovation?

For some reason the construction industry in Australia is often seen as lacking when it comes to embracing innovation, taking on change, or seeking new ways. The world doesn’t allow for the national industry to sit and watch what is happening around us.

Building Disruptor

Prefab and modular construction is nothing new in Australia having been active in a few different forms throughout the country for many years now and while there is still a perception or stigma attached of modular being for low cost housing it would pay for the industry in general to take note of the changes happening in this space.

Building On Social

Social Media is where the attention is, after all this blog is being read through one of the platforms out there, however for some reason the construction industry seems slow on the uptake with the way many of the platforms out there are being utilised to communicate and extend business.

Lessons we've learned, and others taking more time

In a recent chat with a few of my staff we’d been recollecting how the waterproofing and building game was in the 80s/90s. It felt like I was pulling stories out of the vault, but it wasn't that long ago we approached it this way and in some cases still are.