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Waterproofing both under and over screeds

There was a time when we used to just waterproof under a screed, tiled on top of those screeds and then found that the screed would get all wet, and even though the substrata would be protected, we'd have a mushy screed and that was retaining moisture in there, which is not a good thing, and that causes things like efflorescence very often on external balconies.

Particle board flooring

Many of you know it as yellow tongue, which is an industry terminology that's used out there. But particle board flooring has been around for many, many years in the construction industry. And somehow it found its way into waterproofing applications as a substrate for tiling and membranes in wet areas.

The importance of surface preparation.

This one is very, very dear to me and I talk about it a lot when I do talks to applicators, and in trainings, and our staff continue to do this, and it's in all our data sheets, yet it amazes me how many times we still see issues out in the marketplace, where applicators get it wrong, and I'm not sure why that is.

What if it was free?

The best part of 2017 saw me actively involved with my team working on the next wave of products we’re launching and getting a better understanding of how we relieve the pain points for many customers.
This generated much discussion where facts, data and issues on building failures we’re rattled off.

Taking The Wrong Drive

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog tilted “Building Disruptor” where I gave some thoughts on the status of Modular and Prefab buildings in the Australian construction landscape.


I recently returned from an overseas business trip in Europe meeting with customers and suppliers, managing to spend a day at one of the building exhibitions in Germany. Always good to see how the Europeans approach their industry and where the future focus points are directed over there.