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Gripset WB1 is sweet as honey for

bee keepers


Jan 14th, 2016


A new niche market has opened for Gripset WB1 - bee keepers. Being an all natural product to protect and restore wood, bee keepers are using Gripset WB1 for their hives. Gripset WB1 protects the wood from deterioration from constant exposure to outdoor environments.


There has been an increase in petroleum based polystyrene hives, which provide the advantage of longevity in the field, but bees don't like them as much as wood.


With Gripset WB1, wooden hives can be used for longer, without using any toxic based vanish or paint.

Health effects of occupational exposure to asphalt


Jan 14th, 2016


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has critically evaluated the scientific data on hazardous occupational exposures or work conditions involving asphalt.


Known carcinogens have been found in asphalt fumes, with observations of acute irritation in workers from airborne and dermal exposures to asphalt fumes and aerosols and the potential for chronic health effects, including cancer, warrant continued diligence in the control of exposures.

Waterproofing labour

costs tumble


Jan 14th, 2016


The Gripset GC1 Waterproof system is an innovative waterproof sheet membrane system, which reduces labour costs by up to 50% on construction projects wet areas.


The technology also provides a high-performance waterproof and vapour barrier protection for the built environment.

Non toxic,

solvent free






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